Managing the Entra ID Registration Campaign for Stronger Authentication

Entra ID includes a registration campaign feature to help organizations move users to stronger authentication methods like the Authenticator app. Running campaigns is a good thing, unless you decide to do it when the administrators are away from the office (like me) or users are unprepared. But it is time to get rid of SMS and voice responses to MFA challenges, so maybe you should schedule a campaign soon?

Microsoft Updates Entra ID Cross-Tenant Access Management

Microsoft announced three changes to Entra ID cross-tenant access settings that will improve how the settings work for large enterprise tenants in particular. One of the changes improves the blocking of Entra ID B2B Collaboration invitations extended to allow guest users access resources in a tenant. When Entra ID evaluates whether it should issue an invitation, it now takes the blocklist (if set) in the B2B collaboration policy and cross-tenant access settings into account. It’s the way things should have worked from the start.

Entra ID Guest Accounts Can Now Have Sponsors

You can now define Entra ID guest account sponsors using the Entra ID admin center or PowerShell. A sponsor is an account or group that knows why a guest account exists. During operations like account reviews of the membership of a Microsoft 365 group, sponsors can help group owners decide if guest accounts should continue as members or should be removed. I’m sure others will come up with ideas for using guest account sponsors, but that’s what we have for now.

Entra ID Audit Captures Some But Not All Updates of User Account Properties

A Twitter discussion about how to audit user account changes revealed that Entra ID does not capture details of changes to the usage location for an account. The possibility existed that the data might be present in the information ingested from Entra ID into the unified audit log, but that turned out not to be the case. Even if some properties are missing, a PowerShell script demonstrates the principle of how to report user account changes (old and new properties). But it would be nice if Entra ID captured details about changes to the UsageLocation property.

Retrieving Azure AD (Entra ID) Privileged Identity Management Role Assignments

PIM, or Privileged Identity Management, is a solution for managing the assignment of privileged Entra ID roles to users and groups. PIM role assignments can be active or eligible. If you report “normal” role assignments, you only see the currently active set. Some more processing is needed to fetch the PIM assignments. Here’s our version of a script to do the job for holders of the Exchange administrator and Global administrator roles.

Understanding What’s in an Entra ID Access Token

Access tokens are an important part of accessing data using modern authentication through APIs like the Microsoft Graph. But what’s in an access token and how is the information in the access token used by PowerShell when the time comes to run some Graph queries in a script? In this article, we look behind the scenes to find out what’s in the JSON-structured web tokens issued by Entra ID.

How to Create an Entra ID B2B Collaboration Policy

Azure B2B collaboration is used by Microsoft 365 Groups-based apps like Teams, Planner, and Yammer to control the creation of new guest accounts. You can update settings in the Azure AD portal to stop new accounts from specific domains or restrict guests to a list of known domains. But before you go ahead and update the settings, it’s a good idea to know where existing guest accounts come from. It’s easy to create a report with PowerShell. The next step might be to remove guests from offending domains.

How to Create Org-Wide Teams in Microsoft Teams

Teams supports the ability to create org-wide teams, but only if your tenant has fewer than 10,000 accounts. It’s a neat idea, if you can use it, but if your organization spans more than 10,000 accounts, there are other ways to foster company-wide communications.